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Welcome to Move for People!

Move for People brings together thousands of L’OCCITANE Group employees from all our Group brands. The aim is to get moving and connect with other L’OCCITANE Group employees while learning about the philanthropic commitments of our Group brands. Let’s get moving together!

From 11 to 24 September 2023, join us in achieving our collective goal of 1,500,000 points!

This year, you can contribute to our collective goal by participating in more than 60 physical activities!

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Why participate in the Move for People?

Who is eligible?

The application is open to all L’OCCITANE Group employees. Invite your colleagues and start moving together!

Move for People is an inclusive employee engagement event as it invites employees from all regions, working environments and roles to participate in over 60 different types of physical activity. There is a Move for everyone!

How to participate?

Participating in the Move for People is easy. Download the app on your smartphone, create your account. Connect your pedometer or your sports app to start synchronising your activities automatically. You are all set!

Why participating in the Move ?

The Move provides its participants with the opportunity to be active, achieve a shared well-being goal and raise awareness of our brands’ commitments. The employee engagement event allows employees from around the world to connect and motivate one another and learn about the L’OCCITANE Group’s brands.

How are the points distributed?

Each activity will earn points. Points are distributed as follow:

Walking 1000 steps          5 ⚡

Cycling 1 km          2,5 ⚡

Running 1 km          10 ⚡

Swimming 1 km           40 ⚡

Other activities 1 min           1 ⚡

How do I participate in a Move Challenges?

Go to the Move Challenges section of your app, select the Move Challenge you are interested in. Read the description, the objective and press Register.

Complete the Move Challenge and earn points for yourself or your team!

Can I switch teams?

No, once you have joined a team you are unable to switch teams. Once you have created a team you are also unable to join another team.

Sign up, connect your tracker, and let's go

Move for People is compatible with most connected devices on the market (Nike+ , Adidas Running, Garmin, Fitbit, Polar, Map my Run etc...). You can also connect your pedometer and add up to 60 activities manually!